410 N Vaughn St, Knob Noster, Missouri 65336, US +1 (660) 563-4005



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1. What are the amenities provided in each room of Laci's Country Inn?

Laci's Country Inn features spacious and comfortable rooms with free WiFi. The rooms come with convenient amenities such as Refrigerators, and microwaves. For more details Click Here.

2. What are the check-in and check-out times for Laci's Country Inn?

Check-in 3:00 PM Check-out: until 11:00 AM To assist you in planning your stay please call us at +1 (660) 563-4005

3. Do you allow pets?

No, sorry pets are not allowed at our Laci's Country Inn. But it's always best to call & confirm the details of the pet policy kindly contact us at +1 (660) 563-4005

4. Are accessibility features available at Laci's Country Inn?

Yes, Laci's Country Inn has Accessible features & facilities. Kindly contact our front desk at +1 (660) 563-4005 for more details or Click Here

5. What are the features and facilities at Laci's Country Inn?

Laci's Country Inn Hotel features high-speed WiFi, Free Parking & much more. For more details Click Here

6. What are the top tourist attractions near Laci's Country Inn?

Laci's Country Inn is a budget-friendly Hotel when staying for business, or pleasure. Some of The top tourist attractions are near the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art and Katy Depot cultural highlight, Montserrat Vineyards and Bristle Ridge Vineyards,Audrey J. Walton Stadium, and UCM Union Bowling Center. For more Details Click Here

7. How can we reach Laci's Country Inn?

Laci's Country Inn is situated in Knob Noster Missouri, and is 1.3 miles from Knob Noster State Park and within 6 miles of Montserrat Vineyards and Bristle Ridge Vineyards. Western Missouri Women's Health Center and the University of Central Missouri are also within 12 miles. For an exact direction, map Click Here

8. Where can I find the reviews and ratings for Laci's Country Inn?

You can check out our worthy guest Reviews at:

9. How do I book a room at Laci's Country Inn?

You can easily book a room with us from our website www.laciscountryinn.com For any further inquiries regarding availability or group booking rates please call +1 (660) 563-4005

10. What makes Laci's Country Inn the best place to stay near Audrey J. Walton Stadium Warrensburg?

Laci's Country Inn provides amenities at their best with easy access to Near Knob Noster State Park and offers a family vacation that enhances your stay. The area's proximity to great restaurants and attractions makes it easy to enjoy. Come to stay with us & experience the same.